• Established the IT Capacity Planning department; drafted the methodologies and procedures for future planning of systems and networks. (1989)
  • Created the guidelines, strategy, standards of the distributed systems and local area networks including the branch network; managed the implementation. (1995)
  • Managed, designed and developed the first internet banking software and the first telephone banking software and hardware in Turkey for Akbank (1998)
  • Managed, designed and developed an innovative ATM project for Akbank where customer authentication was made via “IRIS” recognition. This was the second biometric implementation in a financial institution in the world; the other being in UK. (1999)
  • Designed an electronic purse application for Sabancı University (1998)
  • Participated in the development of mortgage applications (2008)
  • Added new features to SMS loans software (2008)
  • Managed and developed flexible interest rate feature for consumer loans and campaigns(2008)
  • Managed and developed tenant loan application(2009)