Maroteknoloji Evaluated Its HR Policy, the Driver for Its Success and Quality, in Kariyer.Net

Consistently advancing towards its objectives, Maroteknoloji evaluated its HR policy based on current and future goals in an interview for The HR policy is essential for the company’s success and quality.

“Our process for coming up with company objectives starts with creating detailed company-wide strategies. Once the objectives and strategies are ripe, we share them with our team and open it up for an honest discussion. It is essential for us to involve our employees in this process to ensure that they have a say in such vital company affairs. As such, we believe that it will help realize our annual HR priority of “increasing employee loyalty”.

Without doubt, all companies aim to excel in “customer satisfaction”, a popular notion in today’s world. In order for us to accomplish this objective, we tackle and achieve our own HR priorities. We believe that the road to customer satisfaction is through our employee contentedness.”

We urge you to read the complete transcript of the interview for further detail.